How to Become a Web Developer in 2 Months

Want to know how to become a web developer in 2 months?

If yes, welcome to the party.

Me and my friend Ayaz have been given a challenge to become a web developer and build an app within 2 months.

Difficult challenge but we have accepted it.

Just to make sure what we mean by a web developer.

“Web developer means we must complete the first version of the app as best as possible. There will be bugs but as long as we will create the structure of the app we will win the challenge”

To achieve something, starting out is the most difficult step you often take. If you have taken the first step, you have done the 80% of the hard work towards achieving your goal.

“80% of success is just showing up” Woody Allen

Learning how to code a website is easy but becoming a master web developer requires lots of hard work and continuous learning. We believe learning while coding is the best method to become a master developer fast.

I was reading a post where I got a strong point to get it learn as quickly as possible with some good expertise further you can learn with the time and practice.

He said programming is not all about mathematics which I was always used to think about and that’s why I felt I can’t do it, programming (coding) depends if you make it your hobby as you play games or watch your favourite movies, you can learn it and will never forget just like how you remember the scenes of your favourite movies or tricks to win for your favourite games.

Just choose your favourite programming language and create easy action steps which you can follow easily to complete within given time as I have chosen php as my development language and created the following action steps to learn within 2 months to become a Master Web Developer:

You might be laughing at us if you are a master developer. It that’s the case, please don’t, instead help us by adding your tips in the comments below.

We will really appreciate your support.

Our Goal

We want to become a web developer and build an app by 30th October 2012.

Our Current Skill Sets 

Ijaz Rafi

  • HTML 4 (Advance level)
  • CSS2, CSS3 (Advance level)
  • Intro to Php

Muhammad Ayaz

  • HTML 4 & 5 (Advance)
  • CSS 2 & 3 (Advance)
  • JavaScript (Basic level)
  • Php (Basic level of php coding)

Our Plan


Plan summary

  • Reading – Two Weeks
  • Practice – Two Weeks
  • Building a test app – Two Weeks

1≠ Reading – Two Weeks  

Following is the reading plan for coming two weeks.

Day 1 to 7:           Programming Concepts
Day 8:                  PHP: From Home Page to Portal &  Installing PHP
Day 9:                  A First Script & The Building Blocks
Day 10:                Going with the Flow & Functions
Day 11:                 Arrays
Day 12:                Objects
Day 13:                Working with Forms
Day 14:                Working with Files & Working with the DBM Functions
Day 15:                Database Integration— MySQL
Day 16:                Beyond the Box
Day 17:                Working with Dynamic Images & Working with Dates
Day 18:                Working with Data & Working with Strings
Day 19:                Working with Regular Expressions
Day 20:                Saving State with Cookies and Query Strings
Day 21:                Saving State with Session Functions & Working with the Server Environment
Day 22:                Debugging & An Example (Part 1)
Day 23:                An Example (Part 2)
Day 24 to28:      PHP and MySQL Web Development 4th Edition

2≠ Practice – 2 Weeks

We are looking to find an experienced PHP guru to help us practice the theory.

We understand that theory and practical are two different things.

We love to hear from experienced PHP developers, if you are interested to help us in this challenge. We can buy you a drink :-)

3≠ Build An App – 4 Weeks

We believe that learning while building is the best way to learn any new skill.

This is why we have a complete product documentation, which we will be developing after the reading and practice time frame.  


Reading / Training Sources:


Websites / Blogs:

Video Trainings

Online Forums

Other Useful Links:

Blogs on wordpress to read and learn


For Php and MySQL Learning:

Exploring codebase in wordpress for advance level how things work in wordpress;


If you want to become a master developer, feel free to join us on this challenge and ask any questions you may have in the comments below. We will do our best to get you the answers for those questions.

If you are a master developer, we would really appreciate your help / guidance in the comments below to achieve this target.

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